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Pine Lake invest a lot in technology and production innovation. We have a strong R&D team to keep developing nice new products. Our factory is located in Jiangxi Province, China, accupies an area of 30000m³, equiped with highly automative production line. 
We have more than 800 staffs, and approved by BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001. There are 4 SMT lines, 2 PCBA lines, 20 plastic injection lines, 12 assambling production lines, several automatic machines and a number of high-precision test equipment.
Our company has two injection molding rooms, and there are 20 electric injection molding machines from Ningbo Huazhong Joint Venture. Our machines are matches with robotic arms, and the full automatic frequency stability can improve product quality.
The small injection molding machine produces approximately 100g of plastic products, with a daily output of 40000 pcs, If the product is smaller, it can be produced more times. and the daily output can be more.  The largest machine can produce 2.25KG plastic products, and the output is 1400pcs each day.
1. We adopts the high-precision SMT mathine from the textbook, the speed can reach 40000pth/h, it can identify 0201 resistors, and automatically discard the bad resistors. The machine has a camera and automatically corrects the position of hte pasting without deviation, even 0.002mm;
2. the room is 10000 grade dust-free, anti-static, constant temperature and humidity room;
3. Reflow soldering adopts advanced 8-temperature zone lead-free thermal reflow soldering. The heating system has the world's best temperature uniformity and refueling efficiency, which can perfectly weld all kinds of PCB boards.
4. There is an AOI machine for full inspection of all PCBA boards, and 20 PCBA boards can be inspected at the same time at a time. Our AOI machines are fast and precise.

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LOWEST Factory Price with Perfect service;  Sample & small qty under 10 PCS accepted;  Samples can be made as your requirement;  12 SMT Production line to enhance our capability;  Professional R&D for OEM&ODM service;  Quality Assurance system and management